100% Pure Neem Oil

100% Pure Neem Oil

100% Pure Neem Oil

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Neem Oil

Pure Neem Oil is prepared in-house from carefully selected good quality neem seeds via cold pressed extraction and double filtration.

Properties of Neem Oil:

Neem Oil or Neem Seed Oil is a Brownish Yellow color Liquid, with smell of Garlic. Neem Oil is slightly soluble in water and has 6.5 to 7.5 pH value, it boils at more than 200 degree Celsius and freeze at 13 degree Celsius.

Uses of Neem Oil:

For Human Medicines:
Neem Oil is also used as and in various medicines for human beings. Most common utilities are: Birth Control, Lice Control (in hairs), Piles, Ulcers, Asthma, Skin Disorders, Chronic Diarrhea.

Cosmetics :

Neem Oil is used for preparation of various cosmetic and toiletries. All Purpose Cream, Hair Oils, Tooth Paste, Bathing Soaps, Hair Shampoo, Face Pack.