100% Pure Lemongrass Oil

100% Pure Lemongrass Oil

100% Pure Lemongrass Oil

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Lemongrass is a popular flavoring in Asian cooking. Considered as an essential herb, it is added to curries and soups, or paired with beef, fish, poultry and seafood. Fresh lemongrass is also used to make lemongrass tea.

Uses of Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is extracted from the dried leaves of the plant. It has a thin consistency and a pale or bright yellow color.
Make a refreshing footbath Add four to six drops to a bowl of warm water, and soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes.
Make a massage oil— Mix six drops of lemongrass oil with an ounce of sweet almond oil.

Benefits of Lemongrass Oil

Benefits of <strong>Lemongrass Oil</strong>. ... <strong>Hair</strong> problems — If you're struggling with <strong>hair</strong> loss, oily <strong>hair</strong> and other scalp conditions, <strong>lemongrass oil</strong> may be beneficial, as it can help strengthen your <strong>hair</strong> follicles. Just apply a diluted solution onto your scalp, and then rinse out.
Since <strong>the oil</strong> is antibacterial, it creates a conducive environment on <strong>your</strong> scalp for healthy <strong>hair</strong> growth. It strengthens <strong>hair</strong> follicles. You <strong>can</strong> mix three drops of <strong>lemongrass</strong> essential <strong>oil</strong> with three tablespoons of raw olive <strong>oil</strong> and massage into <strong>your hair</strong>. This procedure <strong>can</strong> help kill <strong>hair</strong> lice as well.